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Welcome to our website dedicated to jewel butt plugs made ​​of medical stainless steel and glass medical Pyrex.
We are very pleased that we can offer high quality products. All of our anal plugs were taken with great care 303L stainless steel to make sex even more interesting and exciting.
303L stainless steel and glass Pyrex make butt plug is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. Furthermore, during a long wear under clothing such scorch are not formed as in the case of rubber, silicone or other plastic material.
Anal plugs stainless steel are cool and heavy, and they give a feeling of complete fulfillment.
Glass plugs are considerably lighter and rapidly changing temperature. They are often chosen as a " butt plug for beginners".
Before using anal plug, get your ass properly - best shower, enema and a lot of measures implemented moisturizing preferably water-based.
Start by preparing your "rear window" rubbing them with your finger and so on.
If you want to wear under your clothes so that you plug stimulated, first practice at home after a few minutes.

We have quite a large range of anal plugs fairly often change with the next shapes and colors of stones.
As a complement to offer condoms and lubricants YESforLOV - water-based lubricants, which are ideally suited to both our sex toys and other types of sex.

In order to properly take care of the butt plug, use soap to wash with a neutral Ph and lukewarm water. Do not clean any brushes with sharp bristles, so as not to draw the polished surface.

We are not an ordinary sex shop. We specialize almost exclusively in jeweled butt plugs.
We are totally indifferent to your sexual orientation and whether you are male or female. You must have a 18y.o..


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